Conference Overview


The conference has been postponed to the period between the 22nd and the 26th of March 2017.

Soon the new site will be on line with all the news.


After eight years of waiting, the World Owl Conference, an important event for all researchers, naturalists and ornithologists concerned with studying owls, returns. This convention will offer a chance to meet and collaborate with the most important associative realities: universities, museums and naturalists who work and study nocturnal birds of prey on field.






The World Owl Conference that will take place in Venaus is expected to be a special event, on the one side aiming at offering to speakers and participants a large scientific conference, and on the other side giving them the opportunity to live a cultural experience of great significance.

Venaus is indeed a small locality at the base of the Alps, but it is deeply connected to some realities, extremely important, which are famous and evocative under a historical and architectural point of view. Meanwhile, you will get the chance to see and walk the World’s only path entirely dedicated to owls, entirely designed in a breath-taking natural area distinguished by a ground-breaking project that includes special structures enabling a night-time guided tour in the very heart of a wild Alpine wood.






All around Venaus you will be able to see and visit several medieval castles and the fortress of Exilles (where the mysterious Man in the Mask of Iron, the one who inspired the film starring Leonardo di Caprio, was reportedly imprisoned). Susa, only five minutes away from Venaus by car, still preserves some extraordinary, impressive ancient Roman monuments. You will also be able to visit Novalesa’s Abbey, only three-minute-drive far from Venaus. With less than a half-an-hour drive, you will also get the chance to visit Turin, the coolest Italian city!

This conference is projected to host both the speakers and their families and friends in the most comfortable way so that nobody will ever get bored! They will be pampered thanks to a differentiated programme that will enable them to discover a wonderful corner of Italy!

Italy and Venaus with its beauties are waiting for you, and our organization will give you the chance to discover the best side of our country.